2011. július 2., szombat

Brain damage

Brain damage

Something’s wrong with my generation,
On this world, it’s the twenty first installation,
I don’t know what happened not long ago,
Brain damaged lovers, so I felt I have to go!

Once upon a time, love was made by heart!
But now: how many iPhone do you have in your cart!
So it’s all about damned money and fame!

I hoped for a change, but it never came!
The two genders just learn all about how to tame!
Looks and fashion matter now most, not art!

How many unwise idiot will rise?
How many will blink, how many will get disguise?
How many girls will get on the huge chart?
Get on the increasing chart of brain damaged smarts!

How many will be involved in love trade?
How many will fall for a bluffing serenade?
How many unreal Romeos will born?

This is not my world, my spirit is torn,
And every goddamn word in my soul is a thorn!
Some things just shouldn’t have meant to be made!

2nd July 2011
Czáboczky Szabolcs

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