2014. február 8., szombat

Dizzy song

Dizzy song

Drinkin’ a bottle of heavy wine,
Countin’ all the way to ninetynine,
Unknown shadows on Saturday night.

Dizzy as the light on the cold street,
Playin’ with words, followin’ the beat,
Waitin’ for you to be in my sight.

If I had a lute I’d sing to you,
For you to hear what is really true,
As a leaf fallen from it’s own tree.

The little leaf hasn’t gone to know,
Flowin’ with wind and the white snow,
She hasn’t gone to know where she’s free.

Little Polish leaf is solely missed,
By the tree disappeared in the mist,
Smiling branches under the nightsky.

Countin’ all the way to ninetynine,
Missin’ you and writin’ the last line,
Polak-Węgier: together we fly.

8th February, 2014
Czáboczky Szabolcs

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