2011. július 1., péntek

A New Province

A New Province

The ocean’s on us, but the dam’s not holding,
We need a miracle to get Europe thinking,
Beyond the dam: China and Korea,
But the leader of crap is still America!

Please stop the ships, and please stop the trading!
Old and forsaken Europe’s heart is now aching!
Nations still left in the financial dirt!

Love is now just a hysterical flirt!
The bad computer just asks your soul to insert!
And you obey like a slave still working!

I am so sick of the selfish bankers,
They don’t know how to stop, so we drop the anchors,
They’ll do anything, they’ll burn evidence,
So Europe could be America’s new province!

In the land of broken dreams and long chase!
Lightning will strike twice directly at the place!
Because there nothing is impossible!

If only we could stand ready and able!
To cut the lines, to cut the continents cable!
So we can now live as the human race!

1st July 2011
Czáboczky Szabolcs

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