2013. augusztus 10., szombat



live forever. let wild words
breed until a great act is born.

I flow with curious waves and
ask, what are we fighting for?
how long will our weak hands, legs
and existence bear this pressure?
how long will it take us not to
spill our blood for simple pleasure?
but no! we had been given peace
for absolutely free of charge,
tranquility for our lives
and chaos in our minds at large,
we are no more, than a number,
our names are just colorful queens,
and we hear it far too often,
that the end justifies the means,
we don’t know where we are heading,
and which right path are we taking,
Moscow, London and Washington
are so similarly pointing,
even a Jonah won’t save us,
who was instructed by the Lord,
that’s why we’ll be the Niniveh,
that was lost beneath its own sword,
a new generation may rise,
but they won’t remember our death,
our grandsons will borrow money,
and sell even that, what was left,
by all means: cowardly salute,
and take the orders, like everyone,
or you can make a change and show
the system how it’s really done!
just read the writings on the wall,
listen how they are calling you,
because you have to realize, that
the commercials lack the truth too,
let the chaos out of your head
onto our world’s great border,
so it may grow from seed to crop:
from chaos let it be order,
‘cause there won’t be any peace here
until a war is forgetful,
we will take from the unworthy
and give power to the peaceful,
‘cause it is a great lie to tell
us, that there is no enemy,
proud restlessness will shout out from
our hearts like fiery blasphemy,
and then, like mad dogs we will rage,
happily tearing flags apart,
we will disobey the orders
and begin again at the start,
we will throw away our faith, what
we have stored into the darkness,
and rewrite the books we have thrown
into fire by selfishness,
chaos from your head is needed
so a new order can be born,
protect chaos and order,
like you’re bound to it, and have sworn,
and if we must wait for the flame,
let it surpass all existence,

live forever, but oh, one day
we will wake up the resistance.

10th August 10, 2013
Czáboczky Szabolcs

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